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LRL Dogs Hymns


"The first release from the new group Tabernacle, Word, Pioneer, is both lyrically and musically rich, a sometimes quiet and always thoughtful listen. The songwriter, Andrew Simmons, is a Kentucky native whose main focus has been his San Francisco band Dame Satan. Other contributors include Matt Bauer, Jen Grady (the cellist in Two Gallants), a member of Dame Satan, and a few members of the band Last of the Blacksmiths."

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LRL Dogs Hymns


Ben moved into the Ghost Mansion and hand screened the covers for the new LRL disc, Dogs Hymns. Then they printed about 1000 of them. These dudes are rock heroes and these discs are moving fast. Get one, it's awesome.

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Dame Satan


Dame Satan spent two years writing and recording Beaches and Bridges. They tracked and mixed
their first album within the confines of the rickety Ghost Mansion itself, a Massive Pink Abode at
the foot of Sunny Potrero Hill in San Francisco, home to Ghost Mansion Records and, at one
time or another, Each Member of the Band. Though written, at least initially, in No Small Part
between those Four Walls, the New Album Beaches and Bridges came to life in Zilla Studios with Nigel Pavao, and revels in the Electricity, Rhythm, and Volume the house's Ancient Foundation might not have sustained.

More coming soon!!!

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DS TS split


Back in the early months of 2005, Dame Satan decided it a good idea to set up a "Myspace" profile. They received their first "comment" from a mysterious Myspacer in Sacramento. It read: "I am proud to be your first comment. And I dig your stuff too." Turns out the commenter had some sweet tunes too and called itself "Two Sheds." Yeah, it all started on myspace. Two Sheds is Caitlin and Johnny "Good Vibes" Gutenberger. A sweet band friendship ensued. Many shows and good times were exchanged. It only seemed appropriate to enter the Hangar studio in Sac and record some jams together with Robert "the Wizard" Cheek at the controls. In classic GMR fashion, this gem is pressed onto a grasshopper green vinyl with handscreened covers.

"Listening to both of the songs, I can feel the comfortable relationship that both bands share. "No Place" floats along smoothly, propelled by the mellow folky twang of Caitlin's vocals and the lulling swagger of a Nashville guitar. On "Sirens" the 7" pushes on with a little more energy as Andrew's vocals guide the way through wandering electric guitars and gently plodding drums. Both songs complement each other perfectly well; and while they are clearly the work of two different artists, they couldn't be more suited to accompany each other."
-The Deli SF

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LRL acoustic


Low Red Land played their first SF show serendipitously with Sky Pilots in December 2005. The show marked the official birth of a great friendship with many tales being added since. These dudes are super bros and we have watched them morph from alt-country rock to just straight up rock needing only volume to match their passion for making awesome music. Their musical vibe and commitment are inspiring and it is thus with great honor that we welcome these bros to the Ghost Mansion family.

Low Red Land played their first all-acoustic show at Ghost Mansion and had a blast.They decided to record the songs from that night and release them. The band recorded the five songs on this EP live in their apartment one afternoon. Their friend Adam played banjo and sang a bit on two tracks, and their friend James added some inspirational dialogue and some well-timed party atmosphere. The first volume in a planned series, these EPs feature unique, hand-pressed, linoelum-block print covers and hand-written liner notes, and are limited to an edition of 333.

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Sold Out

sky pilots


When we last visited the Pilots, they were deciding to make "limited edition" copies of their debut CD by not using some of the silkscreen layers they had made for their covers. The grueling experience no doubt gave them a renewed appreciation for the occasional day off. They did not let up from their tight routine of rock however. No, Sky Pilots found themselves grinding the streets of San Francscio harder than ever imagined. They make it look easy because to them it kind of is easy. Their second album is called "Enjoy A Day Off" and was recorded at Louder Studios by Tim Green. They went with a pro vibe for this one with a 4-color processed digipack.

You’re on top of a craggy mountain. Both your body and sword are covered in human blood. Some of it’s yours. You’ve been battling barbarians clad in animal furs and blue face paint for 72 hours straight. All your friends are either hiding in caves or dead. But – what’s that? The sun is rising and it will rise again tomorrow! Let’s make the soundtrack to that scene.

MP3: Coming Soon!
IMAGES: Sky Pilots Photo
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Dame would occasionally play shows in Davis, CA and got to know Eric who would later form instro-trio Elders with other Davis dudes Kevin and Jacob. Elders practice heavycraft in the basement of the famed Delta of Venus. They acclimated their tone at Nor-Cal shows for a hot minute before laying tracks at their practice space with friend Cooper McBean of The Devil Makes Three. Handscreend sleeves, of course.

Released early Spring 2007, the much anticipated first release from our fellow rock heroes from Davis CA does in fact bury you with riff upon riff upon time signature. Elders typify instrumental rock music that is equal parts ferocity and calculated mayhem. This EP is just the beginning of what is to come from these wise rock fellows.

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After a short while of playing together as a trio, Dame Satan asked Brendan to play some percussion. He played one show with a drum set and forgot to bring sticks so he had to hit the drums with a harmonica. It didn't take long for the Dame Satan boys to eliminate drums and just play guitars and other chill instros. They retreated to the tall trees of Big Sur to solidfy their vibe which was later actualized through the above pictured CD. They named the album "Ghost Mansion" as it was recorded in the Ghost Mansion. Good friend and Last of the Blacksmiths' Bert, who had been raised in the Southwest and would later reside in the actual Ghost Mansion, committed the music to tape using a Tascam 388 unit and other collected devices. The covers were letter-pressed and they feel good to the touch.

"If Quazar had sounded anything like Dame Satan... I might be translating dispatches from Zeti Reticuli right now. Ever heard music that makes you desperately try to remember if youd innocuously eaten a brownie earlier that could have been, ahem, herbally enhanced? Dame Satans music had that effect..."
-Sacrament News and Review

"...Dame Satan make music together that makes you feel like you belong where you are, whether it's actually out in the country or in the middle of a city. They come from San Francisco (and acknowledge this with a song named "the Golden Gate"), and yet the strongest imagery that comes to mind upon listening is more akin to the title of the album than any mention of a real city: things like spirits, fields, the jagged backs of mountainsand giants, and lonely in-between landscapes."
-Fence Post

MP3: Ghost Warrior - Weighted Rope
IMAGES: DS photo
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Mike Chopko had made his way to Frisco and began playing acousties with his bros in DS but also sought a more aggressive experience. He convinced his most classic bro Pat to move out and rip the Stratocaster in a new band, later to be named Sky Pilots. While Pat was fixing to leave the Eastern state in which he was residing, Chopko found Time-Gunner Bill to play the drums. Biill subsequently was also from the East. They jammed in Chopko's Haight St. bedroom and decided it was on. Pat arrived and moved straight into a pink house on Utah St. that had been recently leased by Chopko, Andrew and Greg. The house was named the "Ghost Mansion" as it was haunted. The Pilots rapidly developed an epic style and began a tireless regimen of rocking. They recorded this CD with Dylan at Closer Studios and almost ended eachother's lives over the production of these handscreened CD covers.

"Sky Pilots clearly fit in there with their post-punk, post-hardcore and miscellaneous concoction of guitar-based instrumentation. Most of this album could easily have been instrumental as the band goes into stretches of vocal-less music and fare quite well at it. Furthermore, when vocals are used they seem to be used more as a counterpoint to the music..."

"The Sky Pilots temper their slyly propulsive indie rock with a healthy dose of artsiness, but stop short of rendering themselves “difficult.”

MP3: Download it all!
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In the begining there was Greg and Andrew. They had moved from various locations East to San Francisco to play music with eachother. They knew their band would be called the Everlasting Arms and they had the riffs to prove it. All they needed now was a drum warrior. In the midst of an extensive search they initiated another more docile musical vibe called Dame Satan with new freind Chopko who was also of East coast in origin. More on this later... Anyway, after an extensive search, they happened upon yet another Eastern newcomer via popular website craigslist who went by the name of Brendan and happened to own and play some drums. They began to rock and put out the LP pictured above. Recorded by Aaron Prelwitz at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco during the depths of Winter. The covers are handscreened and the vinyl is a creamy yellow swirl.

"...the Everlasting Arms play spastic, spiritual rock songs that pledge allegiance to no particular god, musical key, or rhythm."

"The Everlasting Arms have planted themselves in the dreaded "post-rock" territory and are busy trying to build something in the salted earth... Through sheer force of will or some minor miracle, they succeed most of the way, as the Bay Area trio swings really hard and sparsely on these songs, don't abuse tempo or volume swells, and concentrate on playing a very roomy blues-dub..."

LINKS: Arms' Myspace